The very first beta for the Shallows update is here for Minecraft: Basic Edition

It’s been a long road for Minecraft fans since the announcement of the next major update, the Nether Update. Since then, it has been snapshot after snapshot showing different parts of the Nether Update for Minecraft: The Java Edition on Windows PCs. Now, for the very first time, the Nether Update is here for Minecraft: The Bedrock Edition.

That means we’re getting closer to the release, and that should be a very big deal for anyone who’s been waiting to try the new update. It’s a very important update, and it has a lot of changes that bring the Bedrock edition in line with the latest snapshots of the Java edition, as well as some improvements in the background. The main highlights are as follows:


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  • Introduction of three new biomes. These are the deformed forest, the purple forest and the valley of the sands of the soul.
  • A ton of new blocks. There are a ton of blocks for each new biome, including the soil of the soul, the crimson and deformed nylium, the new vegetation, and much more.
  • Several new crowds. Pigs have their own commercial ecosystem, pigs provide a food source even in Downbelow, and zombified pigs take over from zombie pigs.
  • The Dutch. Out of the way, Diamond, you’re not the strongest man in town anymore. The super-rare Dutch are here, and they promise to be even better than Diamond.
  • A very long list of adjustments, fixes, improvements and additions. This is a huge initial beta version, in which Mojang is introducing all the major changes so that we can refine the update over the next month or two.

If you’re interested, you can check out Mojang’s blog for a more detailed changelog. There’s certainly a lot to unpack here while waiting for the official release of the Nether Update. We’ll sort everything out and give you all the information you need, so keep an eye on this space while we get it all set up.

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